Broadband makes home working popular

March 10, 2017

Faster broadband connections mean that more people are shunning the daily commute to work from home.

A study by UK business internet service provider (ISP) Pipex found that 79% of small companies use their home broadband connection for work.

Two thirds (64%) of respondants said home broadband is their most frequent method of getting online, compared to 30% who mainly use business broadband.

In addition, more than half (55%) of the 900 small business owners questioned said they are more productive working from home.

Just one third (35%) said they get more done by going into the office.

Internet connections are becoming vital for many small businesses – 69% of respondants said that a broken Internet connection is the most frustrating thing that can happen at work.

Lance Spencer, Pipex product and marketing director, said: “The research clearly shows that broadband is a vital business tool and with such easy access, the office may no longer be the preferred working environment.

“Working from home can be just as effective.”


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