3M launches telecom testing products

July 10, 2016

3M is launching two new telecom testing products for the UK and Ireland – the Dynatel Advanced Modular System 965AMS and Dynatel Qualification Test Set 950 ADSL2+.

The new products are designed to reduce costs incurred by telecom operators in verifying broadband lines, while also saving time.

The 965AMS provides several interchangeable modules for use with different base units.

As the base units are compatible with the different modules, there is no need to equip field installation engineers with a full set of modules, and individuals can swap equipment, enabling a significant saving in costs.

The 965AMS tests voice, video and data lines, initially across copper including VDSL2.

The company plans to release new modules for testing VoIP services, and for use with fibre optic lines.

The 950 ADSL2+ provides a cost-effective unit for testing ADSL2+ lines installed across the UK and Ireland, for signal loss, noise, power-influence, longitudinal balance, voltage, loop-current and ground resistance.


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