Adax Europe gets in bed with NetHawk

June 2, 2016

Adax Europe Ltd, producer of high performance signalling infrastructure, has announced that its HDCIII-AMC solution is being used in ATCA compliant NetHawk EAST simulator, a multi-technology testing platform for telecommunications networks.

The HDCIII-AMC is the latest generation of Adax’s SS7 controller. NetHawk is transitioning from Adax’s HDCII-PMC to the new HDCIII-AMC as part of its next generation infrastructure development strategy.

Both the incumbent and new controllers are managed by the same software, enabling NetHawk to migrate to ATCA while protecting the investment it has already made in developing the functionality of the EAST simulator.

Adax will enable them to substantially increase the power of NetHawk EAST and conserve the features and stability of their solution.

Enabling them to also provide greater performance while retaining a high level of control, it also means that their customers can use the same hardware for SS7 and ATM functionality.


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