Avenir landline sales boosted

December 2, 2017

Avenir Telecom, a UK-based mobile telecoms distributor, announced record breaking sales of fixed landlines on the O2 network in October 2017.

Not content with this success, in November Avenir offered dealers a £30 bonus for each O2 fixed line connection to a two-year deal as standard.

The deal has now been extended until the end of December and the company will pay an additional bonus of £300 when the dealer connects 10 or more, which should ensure that sales continue to grow.

Avenir Telecoms’ Managing Director, Andy Tow, said: “The cost savings this delivers are considerable, especially if the customer also uses O2 mobiles.

“The whole of my team is committed to this brilliant opportunity, and we’re proud to have demonstrable results in business landline sales to add to our credentials in mobile airtime, accessories and IT/telecoms convergence solutions.”

Avenir was the first distributor to partner with O2 to launch the ‘Joined Up’ service which allows UK businesses to converge their mobile and fixed-line telecoms.


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