BT gains customers, Orange losing them

August 4, 2017

BT has continued to increase its customer subscriber base while Orange reported that it lost customers during the second quarter.

BT announced that it signed over 77,900 new customers during Q2 of 2017, bringing the total of its complete broadband user base up to a whopping 4.8 million.

This figure gives BT a 35% market share of all LLU and DSL broadband connections, making it the largest broadband provider in the UK.

One reason for BT’s rapid growth may be its upgrade to ADSL2+, which enables users to receive faster broadband download speeds at no extra cost.

Also, BT gained about 38,000 of its new customers due to BT Vision, which is a new broadband based on demand television service.

Currently, BT is testing the use of fibre optic broadband connections to try and decide if a country wide fibre optic rollout will be feasible for next year, to increase speeds throughout the UK.

BT is not the only mobile company watching its profits rise, as Sky was also able to grow to 117,900 during Q2 of this year with a total of 2.2 million broadband customers.

Orange may be blushing a little this quarter, but perhaps it will ripen for a late bloom, although an introduction to a video on demand service may be helpful as both Sky and BT can accredit some of their growth to this popular addition.


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