BT goes 20Mbit

August 18, 2017

BT will launch full ASDL2+ services to its customers this month allowing for speeds of up to 20Mbit for customers that currently receive speeds of 8Mbit.

Those concerned with upload speeds also can relax, as uploads are to increase from 448Kbpps up to a maximum of 1Mbit.

Of course, the best perk is this little detail – the improvement in speeds will not cost consumers any more on their monthly broadband bills.

Initially, only about 10m UK homes and businesses, or 40% of those in Britain will see the changes in their broadband speeds, but by March 2018 the number should rise to about 55% of the UK population.

To offset the negative connation that many people have to the phrase ‘up to’ when it comes to broadband speeds, BT will also offer an accelerator to its customer base for free plus the charge of shipping.

The accelerator can easily be plugged into the socket that broadband is routed through, allowing for customers to actually receive maximum speeds.

BT consumer division MD John Petter said that the accelerator will make a large difference for most people when it comes to the broadband speeds that they are able to access within their own home.

He continued to state that BT feels it is important to receive the speeds that are advertised which is why they have decided to make the accelerator free, minus the postage charge, for all of its users, so that millions of homes can start to reap the benefits.


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