BT to integrate Madasafish and Plusnet broadband

November 15, 2015

BT Group Plc, which owns Madasafish and Plusnet, is planning to combine the two ISPs’ broadband network and infrastructure.

Madasafish and Plusnet will retain their individual corporate identities and customer services and technical support will remain separate.

The move is designed to help the ISP’s develop future services, including fast internet and voice services.

Madasafish plans to upgrade its online support and will make the improved services available to customers in December.

New features will include an improved ‘Contact Us’ section, which will give faster online assistance, and allow customers to track the progress of an enquiry more closely.

The integration of the two companies’ broadband services will take place over the next few months.

Further details will be announced as the integration takes effect.


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