Cambridge Broadband launches blog

July 2, 2016

Cambridge Broadband networks have launched a blog which allows users to raise and discuss issues on the subject of backhaul, which accounts for 30 per cent of expenses, at $20 billion.

The forum is aimed at professionals within the industry, including mobile operators, analysts and journalists, and various other contributors or interested parties.

Network capacity requirements are consistently being stretched due to the introduction of high bandwidth, data-oriented services, price plans allowing users unlimited usability and mobile broadband, which makes the traditional fixed line and microwave backhaul solutions very significant.

Backhaul infrastructure will need to be overhauled by its cellular operators eventually, but the question for the operators is how to do it effectively and not eat away at potential profits, while still implementing a system that won’t allow quality of experience for its customers to decrease.

Cambridge will monitor the blog to ensure only constructive criticism and relevant points are raised, although they have stressed that moderation of the blog will be kept to its bare minimum.

Cambridge has also stressed that opinions are not facts, and it’s something each contributor is entitled to, any disagreements must be blogged in a formal, but reasoning manner.


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