Can Micowave, Satellite & E-Band Backhaul work?

July 31, 2017

The Micowave, Satellite & E-Band Backhaul: Growth Prospects has been released: a study on the new developments in these sectors and the current market opportunities for growth in these areas.

It also discusses vendors’ responses to customers’ needs and the demand for less costly and flexible bandwidth and deployment.

Research analyst for Light Reading Insider, Danny Dicks, stated that backhaul is a major concern facing the telecoms industry currently, as options need to be available to support all of an operators needs from 100% IP traffic to other emerging needs.

Dick also noted that while some vendors claim that remote enterprise connection via microwave connections to fixed networks may soon explode, satellite may also be able to make a contribution with the largest expansion coming from current markets.

In particular, most of the excitement from microwave vendors seems to surround the two upcoming new mobile networks of Long Term Evolution and WiMax.

This is due to the fact that operators may be able to sell equipment to address the areas where backhaul is breaking down networks.

Operators mainly need to address how to gain capacity to handle the increase in data traffic as smartphones and VoIP become more popular in the telecoms industry as well as new advances in IPTV.

Millimeter wave equipment does come with one downfall in solving the problem however, as it only has a range of about 3K and rainfall shortens this additionally, which may lead to a roadblock in solving the networking cost and effectiveness dilemmas.


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