ChangingWorlds brings ClixSmart AdPersonalizer to CTIA

March 25, 2016

ChangingWorlds Europe, a mobile phone advertising company, is introducing a new personalisation solution, ClixSmart AdPersonalizer, at the CTIA 2016 technology event in Las Vegas, April 1-3, 2016.

ClixSmart AdPersonalizer is designed to deliver personalised ads to mobile phones, which are relevant to the user. At CTIA, the company will demonstrate the advantages conferred by Personalised Content Recommendations, Personalised Content Discovery and the Personalisation of Off Deck Content.

ChangingWorlds’ ClixSmart(tm) suite of Personalisation Solutions is based on advanced Artificial Intelligence technology. By enhancing the relevance of ads and helping to optimise user experience of the Mobile Internet, it can generate increased Average Revenue Per User for mobile operators, of around 20% to 30%.

The solution captures subscriber intelligence by monitoring the implicit behaviour of users online. This provides information on user preferences which is combined with intelligence from complementary sources, such as demographic profiles and billing information.

ClixSmart solutions have been used globally by mobile operators to deliver highly targeted promotions in different mobile internet scenarios, including adapting the navigation structure of a mobile portal to suit the preferences of individual subscribers, promoting premium content and services, and recommending relevant mobile data services.

Major operators already using ClixSmart include the Vodafone Global Group and O2 UK.


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