Clickatell SMS keeps 140 world delegates in touch

May 2, 2016

Clickatell, a global provider of messaging solutions, provided the South African Parliament with an SMS alert service to support communication at a recent assembly in the country.

The messaging service provided by Clickatell helped the South African parliament deliver notifications to parliamentary delegates from 140 countries meeting in Cape Town to discuss global issues.

With most delegates using their overseas cell phones and roaming on the South African network, SMS presented an easy, fast and cost effective way to stay in touch with each other.

It was essential for the South African parliament to deliver real-time messages in a reliable manner to each delegate on a wide variety of cell phone networks and devices.

Clickatell’s extensive global messaging network provided them with the ability to ensure that all the cell phones, from across the globe, would be covered and no messages would get lost during and after the event.

Clickatell was able to get the service up and running in under two weeks.

Clickatell’s multi-modal capability and worldwide coverage gives organisations the power to deliver any message to any device anywhere in the world.

Reaching more than 700 networks in more than 200 countries, Clickatell serves 8,000 customers.

With headquarters in California, Clickatell has offices in South Africa and the UK.


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