CopperGate doubles EoC chipset performance

March 18, 2017

Israel-based Coppergate has announced a new chipset that will allow apartment buildings and hotels to deliver high speed internet at low cost using the wires that are already in place.

The CopperGate CG3210M provides download speeds of up to 190Mbps at one third the price of DOCSIS 3.0-based solutions.

The communications bandwidth of the chipset has been doubled compared to previous models, meaning that twice as many apartments can receive internet from a single chipset, effectively halving the cost per apartment.

It uses Ethernet over Coax (EoC), so existing wires can be used and no additional installations are necessary.

Providers can quickly and easily start offering premiums service such as HDTV, VoIP, and very high speed internet without the need to retrofit high cost CAT-5.

Gabi Hilevitz, Coppergate CEO, said: “Service providers and systems integrators trying to deliver low-cost broadband access or triple play services in urban areas are looking for a lower-cost, higher-performance alternative to DOCSIS- and DSL-based solutions.

“Now, service providers don’t have to install new wires to deliver HDTV, Internet, and VoIP traffic to multiple apartments.

“This new solution saves on installation time and costs, eliminates customer hassles from drilling in cement walls to install CAT-5, and co-exists with satellite TV, broadcast TV and other services.”


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