Faster broadband and lower prices from Eircom

February 1, 2016

Eircom, the Irish teleco, has announced plans to significantly increase broadband speeds for customers nationwide, through a combination of upgrades and new products.

The pricing schedule for Eircom’s wholesale bitstream products has been updated, resulting in price reductions. This means that Eircom’s rivals will also be able to offer faster broadband services at lower prices.

Broadband products with download speeds that range from 1Mbps up to 12Mbps will be offered on a phased basis over the coming months, starting from the beginning of March. More than 240,000 wholesale and retail customers will see their broadband download speeds increase from 3Mbps to up to 12Mbps.

Moreover, retail customers will continue to pay the same monthly fee as they currently do, despite the increase in speeds.

Eircom claims that customers currently used to 3Mbps, 4Mbps or 6Mbps products will see increases in downloads speeds which will at least double. These subscribers will be upgraded to 7.6Mbps, 10Mbps and 12Mbps products respectively. Customers currently using a 2Mbps product will be upgraded to a 3Mbps product.


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