Femtocells make indoor 3G five times faster

March 24, 2017

US-based telecoms equipment maker, Airvana, has announced that its HubBub CDMA femtocell improves indoor 3G performance by up to five times compared to using a standard 3G network.

Femtocells are small wireless devices that pick up 2G and 3G mobile signals and route them across the internet to improve voice calls and give higher data transfer speeds.

They allow for homes and businesses to run their own micro mobile network.

Research shows that 36% of mobile calls and 45% of mobile data usage happens within consumers’ homes.

Airvana’s HubBub CDMA femtocell was found to make indoor use of mobile broadband on 3G connections more than five times faster.

This figure is based on HubBub’s performance in a variety of single family homes, townhouses and apartments in urban, suburban and rural areas.

Sanjeev Verma, Airvana’s vice president of femtocell business, said: “We have demonstrated that our HubBub femtocell has the power to transform the indoor mobile experience.

“The ability to consistently deliver 4G-like mobile broadband speeds from a 3G femtocell will open the door to greater mobile broadband adoption.”


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