IxQuick launches Startpage privacy search engine

July 9, 2017

Privacy-conscious search engine IxQuick has rebranded itself as Startpage.com.

IxQuick, the self-proclaimed “world’s most private search engine”, does not record its users’ IP addresses or search terms, and offers secure searching via the https protocol.

Unlike Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which store user data for nine, three, and 18 months respectively, IxQuick does not capture or hold user data.

IxQuick said the name change was designed to help the firm gain widespread recognition.

”For years, privacy experts have praised IxQuick for our outstanding policies, but some people found our name hard to spell,” said CEO Robert Beens.

”With Startpage, people can get the same great features they know and love from Ixquick with a name that’s easier to use.

“These two websites are almost identical and offer the same great search results.”

Beens said traffic to the site has increased in recent months due to growing concerns about privacy among web surfers.

Founded in the 1990s, IxQuick’s name was chosen to represent both intelligence and speed.

Founder David Bodnick said: ”I chose the ‘i’ in Ixquick to represent intelligence, the ‘x’ for ‘times,’ and the ‘quick’ for speed.

”People appreciate the fact that we’re not only the world’s most private search engine, but our results are smart and fast, too.”


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