LG and Samsung to increase sales of high price handsets

January 22, 2016

According to reports in the Chinese media, this year both Samsung and LG are aiming to significantly increase sales of high-price mobile phone handsets.

Samsung Electronics is aiming for shipments of handsets costing above US$200 to reach 50 million in 2016 – a quarter of the company’s target of shipping 200 million handsets for the year.

LG Electronics is setting its sights to similar heights for 2016, aiming for shipments of 40 million handsets with an average unit price of US$200. This accounts for 40% of the company’s shipment target of 100 million handsets.

Samsung also predicts that 2016 sales of 3G handsets in Taiwan will reach three million units, a 60% rise compared to 2015. The market for 3G handsets is booming in Taiwan – by the end of 2016 3G handsets are expected to reprsent 40% of the mobile handset market, compared to 25% at the end of 2015.


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