LG joins forces with Microsoft

November 6, 2016

Mobile phone maker LG Electronics and software developers Microsoft have signed a pledge to work together developing mobile communications technology.

Microsoft’s Window’s Mobile operating system has struggled to match up to the Kudos of its PC-based siblings such as XP and Vista.

The market share of Windows Mobile-based smartphones has been flatlining in recent months, whilst rivals Apple and RIM have both increased sales of their popular iPhone and Blackberry models.

In addition, opensource mobile operating systems such as Symbian and Google’s new Android platform are proving tough competition for Microsoft in the mobile sector.

The success of Apple and RIM is partly due to a fusion between software and hardware design.

Hardware and software designers at Apple and RIM worked together to give phone users an integrated experience.

Working together in this way also boosts creative synergies between the two groups.

Traditionally, Microsoft has provided the software for mobile phones, but left the design to handset manufacturers.

As such, although handsets can be specifically tailored to use Windows Mobile, communication between Microsoft’s designers and handset designers is minimal.

Microsoft’s deal with LG is no doubt a bid by the company to counter this trend and to develop handsets that are fused to the Windows Mobile operating system.

Whether Microsoft is able to fend off the threats of RIM and Apple remains to be seen.


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