London remains Wi-Fi capital

March 17, 2016

London has maintained its position as Wi-Fi capital of the world, according to iPass’s Wi-Fi Hotspot Index. Wi-fi usage in the city increased by 156 per cent in 2015, with users spending an average of 72 minutes online.

In the second half of 2015, business use of wireless hotspots almost doubled and the growth of 3G technology also boosted the figures.

The US lagged behind Europe in growth in use of wireless technology – its market grew by just 61 per cent compared with 142 per cent growth in Europe. However, due to previous growth the US is still the leading region for Wi-Fi usage.

Airports were the most popular places to connect, accounting for 45 per cent of Wi-Fi connections, with Heathrow being placed as the fourth most popular airport in the world for usage.

Singapore and Tokyo were placed in second and third place respectively, for growth in Wi-fi usage, followed by Tokyo.


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