Make a wireless call via an ATM

June 23, 2017

There is excellent news on the horizon for Wi-fi users who need public internet access points, as Cashbox and BT announced that about 2500 ATM locations will be converted into Wi-Fi hotspots.

The conversion will target ten points for a trial period, after which the rest of the locations will be converted over the next five years.

The Cashpoints are already connected to internet via the Link network, so adding Wi-fi access should be fairly simple and BT claims that it is actually lower to provide than mobile broadband services.

To aid customer security however, the internet streams for ATM access will be kept separate from the streams for broadband.

Chief executive of Cashbox, Ciaran Morton said that customers are expected to respond positively to the innovative change, as since May more people are using cash than credit.

Thus, the marketing approach is to snag these people with additional Wi-Fi services as well, when they stop by the ATM.

The cost for Wi-Fi will be £5.88 for 90 minutes or there is a discount rate of £9.79 for access throughout the entire day.


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