Millenicom Call by Call service to run on DIGITALK

March 24, 2017

Telecoms provider, Millenicom, has announced that its new Call by Call service will be hosted by Deutsche Telekom, using the DIGITALK Multiservice Platform.

Virtual network Millenicom has offered alternative telecoms services in Germany for a decade, and the Call by Call service is part of the company’s latest expansion strategy.

The group is particularly strong in the ethnic telecommunications market, and also provides Mobi- GSM, Mobi DSL, calling card services for resellers, and call shop solutions.

Christoph Völker, Millenicom’s network operations director, said: “Successful interoperability with the German incumbent is a great leap forward for Millenicom as we are able to meet additional demands for making international calls with economic rates.

“The experience in Germany will be transferred to our operations in Turkey as this market continues to open up.”

Mark Ashdown, DIGITALK’s sales and marketing director, added: “Because of the deregulation of the German telecommunications sector, the explosion in the market is a great opportunity to capitalize on the range of prepaid and postpaid services available by using the DIGITALK Multiservice Platform.”


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