Mimecast gets its head in the cloud

August 27, 2017

Mimecast has upgraded its Unified Email Management Platform, expanding on cloud technology so that the SaaS delivery model is cost effective and more flexible for users.

The email management specialist provides solutions for email networks as well as continuity, policy and security control, email archiving, and of course the new cloud functionality.

The new cloud functions will help businesses that need to conform to new industry regulations and will aid with e-Discovery and data retention.

New archiving functions in the upgrade will also allow companies to prevent data loss and leaks by controlling their own employee inboxes.

The Mimecast upgrade is the first software from any vendor that addresses the problem of on –premise solutions with SaaS email archiving by making use of the new Exchange system.

CTO Neil Murray of Mimecast stated that with organisations wanting more performance out of their email management services the new focus is on SaaS, so that IT managers do not need to sacrifice the higher technology or control, while achieving better security and management.

Mimecast is also using the new cloud technology to reduce the amount of carbon emissions that the company leaves behind.

Since companies can now use cloud technology to store and manage their data the company was able to stop using over 8,300 powers serves globally which is roughly enough conserved energy to power 3,700 homes completely for a one year period.

It is estimated that 25% of all carbon emissions come from Information and Communication Technologies.


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