Mixed Signals launches real-time TV error monitor

December 10, 2016

California-based digital content monitoring provider, Mixed Signals, yesterday released a new service enabling cable, telecom and other video service providers to monitor video and audio glitches as they occur.

The Perpetual Scoring System enables service providers to gauge the severity of glitches in real-time by allowing them to see how much the error is impacting viewers’ quality of experience (QoE).

It is the first video content monitoring solution that offers feedback on the severity of video and audio errors.

Current monitoring systems detect errors and identify solutions without giving feedback on how much the error is affecting viewers’ QoE.

As such, when a number of errors occur simultaneously, service providers are unable to work out which should be given attention first.

By contrast, the Perpetual Scoring System (PSS) provides service providers with the information they need to determine which errors are most detrimental to user experience, and to concentrate on those before fixing more minor glitches.

The PSS gives real-time feedback on the three most serious video errors – video tiling, black screen, and frozen screen – and major audio issues such as dropped left or right channels, silence, and volume difference between programmes and advertisements.

Eric Conley, Mixed Signals CEO, said the PSS is a ‘major leap forward’ in real time video monitoring technology.

The PSS is available to all subscribers of Mixed Signals Sentry content monitoring service.


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