Mixed Signals upgrades Sentry video monitoring

July 10, 2017

Digital content monitoring provider Mixed Signals this week announced an upgrade to its Sentry monitoring solution.

Sentry now enables video service providers to optimise bandwidth to maximise the number of programmes they can offer, and gives them the ability to record video and audio errors for detailed analysis.

Using Sentry, networks can now track the amount of bandwidth used by each video programme they deliver, ensuring that videos are given sufficient bandwidth for pristine customer viewing.

Bandwidth tracking also enables networks to put together optimal video groups – or virtual multiplexes – that make the best use of available bandwidth.

In addition, Sentry’s new Trigger Program Capture service enables video providers to record video and audio errors as they occur, allowing for faster diagnosis and repair.

“Competition for subscribers is fierce and service providers are fighting in two ways – offering more HDTV, VOD and other services and striving to deliver these services with superior video and audio quality,” said Eric Conley, Mixed Signals CEO.

Conley added that the upgrades to Sentry “gives video service providers the most comprehensive solution for ensuring their subscribers enjoy the best possible quality of experience while viewing the greatest number of services.”


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