MTI combats recession with WiMax and RFID products

December 30, 2016

Taiwan-based communications equipment maker, Microelectronics Technology (MTI), has announced new product lines for the first quarter of 2017, including WiMax CPE (customer premises equipment) and RFID (radio frequency identification) readers.

President and CEO Allen Yen said the additional products will enable MTI to curtail the effects of difficult market conditions.

MTI is currently working with a number of international vendors to finalise co-operative deals before it begins production of the new RFID products.

The WiMax products are being built using MTI’s high frequency and microwave technologies.

They are being designed for telecoms infrastructure building in emerging markets.

Despite volatile conditions in the global economy, MTI is expecting record revenues for 2016.

November saw a record monthly revenue at the company, and once December numbers have been finalised MTI is expected to report its best ever year.

Because MTI’s core business is the provision of telecoms infrastructure equipment, it is less vulnerable to slumps in the economy than other telecoms manufacturers.


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