NEC products certified by WiMAX Forum

September 2, 2016

NEC Corporation, a provider of Internet, broadband network and enterprise business solutions, has announced the certification of its base station and PC card by the WiMAX Forum.

The Forum, which certifies products based on the IEEE 802.16/ETSI HiperMAN standard, put NEC’s products through extensive interoperability tests to ensure that they will work seamlessly with WiMAX products from other vendors.

NEC’s ongoing commitment to WiMAX was demonstrated in June, when it became the first manufacturer to gain certification through the WiMAX Forum Designated Certification Lab in Taiwan.

The company’s latest achievement is part of its strategy to become a leading, global supplier of WiMAX networks.

WiMAX is a wireless alternative to wired broadband such as cable and DSL. Systems certified by the WiMAX forum can deliver up to 40 Mbps per channel capacity, for fixed and portable access applications.

Dr. Nobuhiro Endo, the Associate Senior Vice President of NEC, said: “NEC’s exceptional achievements include implementation of MIMO Matrix B; an antenna technology which allows operators to double throughput to their customers when compared to existing WIMAX performance.”


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