New fibre test products from Fluke Networks

December 22, 2016

Fluke Networks, the company behind Network SuperVision Solutions, has recently introduced new products designed to test telecommunications networks and enterprises while monitoring them and analysing them.

This new products are the Simplifiber Pro Optical Power Meter and Fibre Test Kits.

They are designed to increase the speed and performance of testing enterprise and telecommunications networks, allowing a technician to test and monitor fibre links without the need for a two man team.

It has been alleged that the Simplifiber Pro Optical Power Meter will therefore cut testing and monitoring times by half, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

With the use of a FindFiber remote, the first of its kind to be released, plugged into remote patch panels ports, one technician rather than two or more can recognize the physical position of cabling runs on a fundamental panel to ensure polarity and correct placement of a single fibre drop.

With the help of the SimpliFiber device, a technician can save both time and effort by way of effectively performing double ended testing, something that previously require more than one individual to complete, with a person situated at each end of a communication device.


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