Nokia adds its nail to WiMax coffin

January 9, 2017

The world’s biggest mobile phone maker has added a additional nail to the WiMax coffin by discontinuing production of its only WiMax device.

The Nokia 810 WiMax Edition internet tablet has been withdrawn from the market only months after its release.

An upgraded version of the standard Nokia 810, the WiMax Edition replaced the 810’s Wi-Fi card with WiMax connectivity.

Nokia said production had been stopped on the 810WE because the product reached the end of its life cycle.

No information was given as to whether production would continue on the Wi-Fi only version of the 810.

Nokia’s withdrawal from the WiMax market will put further pressure on WiMax to prove itself as the technology of choice for mobile broadband.

WiMax is popular in Taiwan and the US, but elsewhere LTE is proving more popular.

Last month, international telecoms equipment provider Alcatel-Lucent axed its investment in WiMax as part of a cost-cutting exercise.


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