Nokia invests $75m in Indian manufacturing plant

December 7, 2015

Nokia is investing approximately $75m towards its manufacturing plant in Sriperumbudur, Chennai, India, in 2016. The investment is geared towards enhancing the capacity of the manufacturing plant to cater to the burgeoning need of the Indian and other emerging markets.

Nokia started manufacturing in Chennai in January 2006 and the plant is Nokia’s fastest-growing factory worldwide. With 6,000 employees, the plant plays an integral role in Nokia’s global production network of mobile devices.

Approximately 50% of the plant’s production is for domestic consumption. The rest is exported to countries across Middle East and Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The decision to make additional investment in the plant is a reflection of Nokia’s commitment to the Indian mobile communications industry and of the increasing demand for mobile devices from Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Nokia will continue to strengthen its manufacturing network to drive greater agility within the business and increase its competitiveness.


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