O2 announces UK 3G iPhone prices

June 11, 2016

O2 has announced the price of the 3G iPhone, which will be on sale in the UK from July 11th.

The 8G-byte version of the new iPhone will cost just £99 for new customers on O2’s £30 per month package, or for existing customers on the £35 per month package.

New customers on £45 or £75 per month contracts will receive the 3G iPhone for free.

The 16G-byte model will cost £159 on the lowest priced contracts, £59 on the £45 per month contract, and will be free on the £75 per month contract.

All contracts will include unlimited free web browsing on O2’s HSDPA network.

Pay-as-you-go iPhones will also be available, with prices to be confirmed.


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