Ofcom extends rural wireless broadband

June 10, 2015

Ofcom has introduced new regulations which could extend wireless broadband access to more of the UK, including rural areas.

The regulations cover the 5.8 GHz band, which is currently used by a number of operators to provide fixed wireless broadband services in the UK.

The new regulations allow operators to increase power levels. Following a period of consultation, Ofcom has decided to increase the maximum power limit from 2W to 4W in all geographic areas.

This will lower the cost of extending the range and variety of services into parts of the country that were previously not covered.

The new rules are expected to have a significant impact on rural areas. According to Ofcom, only 41% of adults living in rural areas have broadband internet at home, compared with 45% of adults in urban areas.

The new regulations do not apply to Wi-Fi networks at home, in the office or in schools. They apply to technologies where a wireless connection over some distance is used as an alternative to a phone line to provide Internet access.


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