OMTP new gadget testing rules

June 29, 2017

Today OMTP announced the release of a new set of recommendations aimed at simplifying automated testing of gadgets, which will hopefully reduce the time it takes for new products and services to emerge on the market.

Additionally, OMTP hopes the new recommendations, known as the Mobile Terminal Testing documents, will help to improve quality of services and devices once they emerge in the marketplace.

With the many devices that make up the current market, testing, development, and launching devices and applications can take a significant amount of time especially due to the fact that many of the testing procedures are still performed manually.

The Mobile Terminal Testing document aims to solve the time dilemmas by making it much easier to test a new device via an automated system that has a clear set of functional requirements for a gadget, as well as a common set of interfaces for the terminals.

OMTP’s managing director commented that although mobile terminal testing is still in its early states, with so many fragmented approaches the testing up to date is heavily complicated which could be eased with the new OMTP guidelines.

OMTO has also helped move the mobile communications industry along in development recently by setting standard specifications for visual voicemail as announced at the most recent conference.

Visual voicemail allows users to check their voicemail by selecting which voicemail messages they want to hear by caller’s name or number instead of being forced to listen to every message which saves time and minutes for the user.


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