PeerApp Announces Industry’s First 20 Gbps Media Cache Software

January 6, 2018

PeerApp today announced the general availability of the UltraBand(TM) 5000 Media Cache.

The system enables Network Service Providers (NSPs) to manage 20 Gbps of traffic across multiple services such as BitTorrent(TM), YouTube, MySpace(TM), MegaUpload, RapidShare, and many more using a single caching solution.

The UltraBand 5000 is the only multi-service, multi-protocol caching solution for video and download services.

It delivers unprecedented benefits to both wireline and wireless network operators, including: bandwidth savings over 25% from traffic reduction, up to 10X faster content delivery for video streams and file downloads and superior subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) for Internet Video services.

The UltraBand 5000 has already been deployed on dozens of carrier networks worldwide, and it was recently selected as the caching solution of choice at two of Asia’s largest service providers, covering many millions of subscribers.

“The UltraBand 5000 software is a breakthrough for the content delivery industry,” said Frank Childs, PeerApp’s vice president of marketing.

“Network operators now have a scalable solution which simultaneously supports all the most popular Internet Video services without requiring proprietary hardware or new facilities built specifically to stream video and serve files.”

The latest of PeerApp’s solutions for Internet Video, the UltraBand 5000 is designed for large-scale and rapidly growing multi-gigabit service provider networks.

Utilizing the UltraBand’s cluster computing technology, the system provides high-speed media caching in an efficient, compact and easily scalable solution, and it runs on industry-standard hardware providing an open architecture, so it fits easily into operators’ networks.

It also adapts easily to new services and applications as they become popular eliminating the need for separate application proxies or servers for each new protocol or service.

These capabilities give the UltraBand 5000 the smallest footprint and power consumption of any multi-service

caching and content delivery solution on the market.


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