People would prefer a phone number for life

August 25, 2017

Four in five telecoms users would prefer to keep their telephone number for life, even when moving overseas, new research has discovered.

The poll by Voxbone found 82% of telephone users would like a single number that stays with them for life so they don’t lose contact with people when they change service provider or move home.

Seven in ten of those polled said they have lost contact with a friend or acquaintance as a result of changing their phone number.

Over a quarter (26%) said they’ve had more than 20 different telephone numbers,

“It seems crazy in this day and age that people are still regularly forced to give up and change a vital part of what identifies them to other people just because the majority of the telecoms industry still deals with its customers in a way that is line-focused rather than based around the individual,” said Rod Ullens, Voxbone CEO.

“There’s a new geography being created that’s about local presence and global relationships rather than distance or national borders.

“People no longer consider themselves tied down to a single location and don’t expect their phone number to be either.”

Voxbone offers customers a global iNum (international number), a telephone number that works anywhere in the world.


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