Prysmian reaches 1 million installed fibre km mark

September 8, 2016

Prysmian Telecom Cables & Systems, which manufactures high-technology cables systems for energy and telecommunication, has achieved the 1 million installed Fibre km mark with its Sirocco(r), Blown Fibre System.

The achievement consolidates the company’s market leading position for the global supply of the technology, which is traditionally deployed in access networks.

Blown fibre involves pre-installing an empty tube network into which optical fibres are subsequently blown with compressed air. More fibres can be added as customer demand grows.

The system provides a cost-effective technology for the deployment of higher speed and higher bandwidth services, particularly in greenfield residential sites where the infrastructure can be put into place at the time of construction, allowing fibre to be deployed at a later date, in response to consumer demand.

The Sirocco(r) system is produced at Prysmian’s factory in Bishopstoke.


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