Rim Semiconductor Company files Patent – network cabling

Rim Semiconductor Company files Patent – network cabling

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There are many companies that develop technology for telecommunications service providers to a high standard.

Various technology allows data traffic to be processed at 40 megabits per second (Mpbs) 5,500 feet (1.67km) on 26AWG (0.40mm) telephone wire, all thanks to a new Cupria™ transport processor, which is actually based on the soon to be patented RQAM technology.

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Comparable technology manages to transport similar data sources along similar cabling at just 15 mbps, showing an improvement of over 100%. See latest tech news.

The new technology is set to be bigger and better than its competitors and can be easily used by telecoms businesses and businesses using Cupria™ for services like IPTV, Ethernet and monitoring.

The patent filed by Rim Semiconductor Company is set to include a Patent Cooperation Treaty, which once processed will give the product worldwide protection and intellectual property rights.

This is nothing new for Rim Semiconductor Company, who own all or part of seventeen projects that have a patent attached to them, and currently eleven pending applications, most of which are modifying processing methods for data along metallic media like copper wire.

So, what is data cabling and why is it so important?

In recent years, communication has excelled our expectations and each year, we expect more and more. We are able to communicate faster than ever before, which has helped to improve our lives and business.

Businesses are starting to take a more front seat on their IT basics as this is the infrastructure that was distribute vital business information to where it needs to be. If you are in need of data cabling for your business in London, visit ACCL.

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