Sony Ericsson goes 3.5G in Taiwan

February 22, 2016

Steve Yeh, president of Sony Ericsson Taiwan, has announced that the company is planning to bring 3.5G data cards to Taiwan by the second quarter of this year. The company also plans to launch ten new handsets in Taiwan during the first half of 2016.

The data cards to be brought to Taiwan include the MD300, which supports a USB interface, the EC400, with ExpressCard support, and the EC400g, which supports GPS technology. Yeh added that Sony Ericsson is now in talks with three of Taiwan’s telecoms operators for a joint promotion of the MD300. The new handsets include the R306 Radio handset, and three 3.5G handsets.

There are also plans to introduce the Xperia X1, a Windows Mobile based handset, into the Taiwanese market. Manufacture of this handset has been outsourced to High Tech Computer. The launch schedule for this handset hasn’t yet been decided.


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