T-Mobile free games kick-start marketing revolution

December 5, 2016

Network provider T-Mobile has announced plans to offer free games for its UK customers to download.

The only catch is that two interactive full screen adverts are played on your phone each time you start the game, and two more once you’ve finished playing.

Customers joining the T-Mobile Game Club will be able to download at least one new free game per week.

This is the first scheme of its kind in the UK, and is expected to kick-start a revolution both in direct-to-handset marketing and in the way phone companies provide premium content to customers.

The first game available will be Poker Million II, with IQ Booster, Pro-Bowling, Bomberman Kart, Pool Star and Einstein’s Brain Game scheduled for release on the scheme in the next few weeks.

The Game Club will only be available to customers signed up to T-Mobile’s unlimited internet service, ensuring no extra charges for downloading the games or the adverts.

Adverts and games will be hosted and managed by digital entertainment company Digistores. Digistores will ensure that customers are only able to download games compatible with their handset.


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