Taiwan to Intel: ‘We never needed you anyway’

February 22, 2016

Taiwan’s Affairs Minister Steve Chen has commented that Taiwan doesn’t need Intel’s support to establish a WiMAX network. The comment comes after Intel backed-out of investing in Taiwan-based WiMAX operators and decided to invest in Japan’s KDDI technology instead.

According the Chen, Taiwan’s government rates WiMAX as one of the countries key industries, and highly values the technology. He predicted that after the success of the LCD and the semiconductor industries in Taiwan, WiMAX could spell further fortunes.

Chen also commented that he expects that with government support, local telecom companies and foreign investors will create win-win situations.

In 2015 Taiwan signed memorandum of understandings (MOU) with eight or nine companies. More companies are expected to tie up with local government this year.

Intel’s has taken an aggressive stance on WiMAX development. In 2005 the company signed an MOU with Taiwan’s government for co-operation in developing WiMAX technology. The agreement bound Intel to make equity investment in licensed Taiwan-based WiMAX operators. Intel, however, have yet to keep their promise.

Chen said that the government will now be welcoming support from other international companies to invest in Taiwan’s WiMAX industry.


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