Tiscali Child Protection Tool Launch in March 2016

February 6, 2016

Internet child protection is constantly a complicated matter, with parents fraught between giving children freedom and controlling each facet of their online presence.

In an attempt to assist parents, Tiscali in partnership with Crisp software, will offer a software package that analyses online conversations to recognize improper relationships and alert parents to a prospective grooming situation.

The software will be offered from March 2016 and people are encouraged to register for additional details at the time of the Tiscali launch. The service will carry a monthly subscription of £3.50.

Online child safety is essential and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre can provide information for parents who want to learn more about the dangers.

At the most basic level, talking with your children and establishing what software they are using and asking them to show you how it works can at times be better than installing monitoring software which, predominantly with teenagers, they will find a way to circumvent, e.g. using a mobile phone or games console rather than a PC.

Crisp, the company who produce the software, offers the software direct to consumers via www.protectingeachother.com for £3.99 a month, or an annual payment of £36. The software currently works with Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, myspace, icq and AIM running on Windows Vista and XP.


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