Tyntec advocates SMS for enterprise communications

April 30, 2016

Mobile messaging service provider, Tyntec, is calling for the mobile industry to provide service level agreements (SLAs) for SMS services, in order to give the enterprise market the confidence that the technology can be used for corporate communications.

According to Tyntec, SMS services currently provide varying levels of reliability – a situation which is hampering the growth of the technology in business environments.

Enterprises often perceive SMS as unreliable and unable to offer traceability and security.

TynTec believes that this perception could be changed by offering SLAs, which would provide buyers with the information they need to make an informed decision about a supplier.

TynTec provides services, including international SMS hubbing, outsourced operator messaging services and enterprise SMS to major businesses, including O2, T-Mobile, Accenture, British Airways and Google.


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