Virgin and O2 broadband leave competitors standing

September 3, 2016

Virgin Media is gaining ground on O2 for the accolade of fastest broadband supplier in the UK.

Broadband analysts at have been calculating the average download speeds of broadband suppliers every month during 2016, with O2 leading the pack throughout the year.

However, Virgin has now overtaken O2 for the fastest average speed in the evening and late at night.

O2 still holds first place for overall average speed at 6.2Mbps, with Virgin closing in behind them at 6.1Mbps.

As Virgin Media and O2 lock horns, other broadband suppliers are stuck way behind in the dark ages.

Closest competitor Sky has an average download speed of 3.7Mbps, with most other providers offering average speeds under 2.5Mbps.

Popular provider AOL has average download speeds of just 1.95Mbps, slightly ahead of last placed Eclipse, with average speeds of 1.49Mbps.


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