Vodafone doubles mobile broadband speed

September 1, 2017

Vodafone has announced that it will be able to increase its ‘up to’ limit of mobile broadband to 14.4mbps, even though most users will not see the difference in speeds while browsing the internet.

Currently Vodafone advertises speeds that can reach up to 7.2mps, even though most consumers only see speeds that range between one and 5mbps.

The new speeds will be offered to consumers who live in Birmingham, London, and Liverpool, with more areas to be added before the close of 2017.

The changes in speed are due to a rollout of new HSDPA technology and are enabled by the fact that about 80% of Vodafone’s customer base already has the equipment to accept the transition.

The download speeds that subscribers receive will vary based on the type of data that is downloaded, distance from the exchange, time of day, and physical obstacles.

The practical maximum speed offered is 10.8mpbs and the service costs Vodafone subscribers from £15 a month for a two year contract that includes a 3GB data plan.

The last upgrade to Vodafone’s service was completed in the end of 2015 increasing overall speeds to the current advertised standard of 7.2Mbs.

Jeni Mundy, the UK chief technology officer of Vodafone, stated that the company’s new upgrade will ensure customers receive the latest quality of network service from the operator.


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