Vodafone Gateway boosts home 3G signal

June 24, 2017

The Vodafone Access Gateway is the first box that can be plugged into a home to help increase mobile phone signals within a house or building throughout the entire continent of Europe.

The concept for the device is simple, as it taps into a home broadband fixed line using femtocell technology to help increase the 3G indoor coverage for a mobile user.

It can support up to four different mobile phone calls at one time and may be particularly useful for Vodafone mobile subscribers who live in rural areas that do not have strong signals.

Ian Shepherd, the Consumer Director of Vodafone UK, said in a statement that the Gateway will help customers who face static as they move from room to room of their home receive clearer phone calls and better 3G access.

Although Vodafone has purchased more than 1500 3G and 2G stations, the company still realises that some areas are under supported, which is why the Gateway was developed to increase customer satisfaction for all locations.

However, customers may not be so pleased when they see the price tag, as the gateway is expected to cost up to £15 more on your mobile bill each month, or an upfront cost of £160 when it hits the market on July 1st.

The real kicker, for the high price tag you would expect a large device, but the Gateway solution product is only about the size of a wireless router, which is convenient for your home but not what you may be expecting.


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