Vodafone price rise fiasco

September 2, 2016

Vodafone has hiked up its prices this month, and customers wishing to leave the network because of the rise are being told to pay up or shut up.

The UK’s second biggest mobile operator has increased minimum call charges by up to 50%, while calls to 0871 numbers have increased 40% to 35p per minute, and calls to 0870 numbers are up 33% to 20p per minute.

Customers whose monthly bill is likely to increase more than 10% as a result of the changes have a legal right to change providers due to a clause in their contract with Vodafone.

It seems, however, that Vodafone is demanding £500 from these customers if they end their contract.

Consumer rights group the National Consumer Council (NCC), has accused the network operator of ‘blatant dishonesty’.

Telecoms watchdog Ofcom, who have already received a high volume of complaints about the price rise, has launched an inquiry into the matter.

Vodafone has been struggling recently due to the slowdown in mobile phone sales in developed markets.

It advertised the price rise to customers by claiming that the increased call costs provided better value for money.

The company has defended its actions by saying that not many people will be greatly affected by the price rise.


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