Vodafone set to restructure European roaming fees

May 26, 2017

Due to a lack of customer interest, Vodafone Business has decided to remove its current mobile broadband packages for overseas mobile use from the market.

Vodafone said that new tariffs for roaming will be announced in a few days.

The previous overseas mobile broadband packages were the only available overseas packages from any European mobile broadband provider but they did not draw enough interest to continue the offer.

Vodafone appears to have timed the removal as their recent company announcements have included the statement that anyone who used Vodafone Passport tariffs would get roaming and messages free as of June 1, 2017 in 35 counties.

Additionally, Vodafone announced a plan for a pay as you go International overseas mobile service.

Also interesting, is the fact that Vodafone has dismissed the more expensive roaming plans after suffering a £6b loss in the Turkish and Spanish sector of its market.

With the added expense, this would cause Vodafone to bottom out this year without seeing an increase in profits for the first time in many years.

The recession is partially being blamed by Vodafone as the Spanish market largely is made of migrants who have left for home since the recession diminished job opportunities.

The product that was taken off the market recently was a plan that allowed consumers to pay £60 per month for travel in Europe and £95 in other areas for 200MB of roaming.

The new announcements as well as the dismissal of the more expensive plan is hoped to cause other mobile companies to rethink and reconsider pricing plans for those who want to travel and use data and internet access while abroad.


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