Watch Eastenders on holiday for £1,200 an episode

July 1, 2017

Question: You’re on holiday abroad – why not take your laptop to the poolside and enjoy an episode of Eastenders, handily downloaded via your mobile broadband connection?

Answer: Because at £1,200 an episode, the download will probably cost more than your whole holiday.

Research by Broadband Genie has found exactly how much of a “bank breaker” overseas roaming with mobile broadband really is.

Downloading a one hour episode of The Wire or CSI could set holiday makers outside Europe back by up to £2,000, Broadband Genie said.

Even inside Europe, where new EU rules have made roaming mobile broadband cheaper from today, downloading a one hour TV programme could cost as much as £525.

Broadband Genie editor Chris Marling said: “If you feel you have to take a UK mobile broadband dongle on holiday, make sure everyone understands it’s for basic browsing only.

“Otherwise, you could be in for a nasty surprise on your return.”


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