Welsh debut for BT’s superfast broadband

September 18, 2016

BT’s superfast broadband could debut in Wales, following talks between Cardiff City Council and BT Chairman Sir Michael Rake.

If negotiations are successful, the Welsh capital could be the first city in the UK to have access to broadband at speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Rake also visited the Welsh Assembly, where he encouraged members to consider subsidising superfast broadband in rural areas.

High-speed broadband allows customers to access to a range of services – including TV, the internet and music – at the same time over a single connection.

At the moment, BT has committed £1.5 billion to invest in upgrading its broadband network.

However, upgrades are likely to focus on urban areas where BT can make the most profit and the quickest return on its investment.

If BT was to connect up rural areas to its fibre optic network, it would do so at a loss, hence its request for subsidies.

The Welsh Assembly said negotiations with both Ofcom and BT will continue, allowing them to ascertain the level of investment that would bring the highest returns.


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