World’s First Location Protection Server launched by Andrew Solutions

January 15, 2018

Andrew Solutions, the CommScope, Inc. division that is a global leader in wireless communication systems and products, has introduced a new solution for operators in need of securing, protecting and managing access to the location of their network subscribers—the GeoLENs™ Policy Server.

The GeoLENs Policy Server is a single solution for managing the entire range of network policies regarding location-based services.

Whether invoked by the user or any IP-based wireless or wireline network, GeoLENs Policy Server acts as a gatekeeper for location data.

It offers protection to subscribers who wish to protect their privacy and enables operators to establish and implement access policies.

“We believe that most networks will ultimately be required to provide this kind of gatekeeper functionality for location data,” said John Baker, vice president and general manager, Network Solutions, Andrew.

“Andrew is proud to be the first to offer it, and given many of our customers’ warm receptions, we expect GeoLENs Policy Server to make an impact in the location-based services marketplace.”

The GeoLENs Policy Server is unique in supporting any IP-based network, whether wireless or wireline.

With Andrew’s Policy Server installed, operators can ensure that access to location information is limited to only those who are authorized to have it.

For example, operators can restrict whether full, partial, or no global navigation satellite system (GNSS) assistance data is sent to a mobile requesting location information.

Users can be given the ability to subscribe to various tiers of service based on this capability, as well.

“Security, privacy, and network resource utilization —that’s what the GeoLENs Policy Server is all about,” added Baker.

One important scenario where Policy Server would not restrict location information is in emergency situations when public safety workers are attempting to locate a user in distress.

These situations would allow for as accurate a location determination as possible.

GeoLENs Policy Server can be installed as a stand-alone platform or in conjunction with other external policy servers.

For large networks, the Policy Server can be deployed as a stand-alone platform capable of storing and managing up to 70 million subscriber records and interfacing with multiple servers and protocols.

The access rights policies are stored in the internal database, and the system can be configured to query external sources to administer the correct policy, if needed.

In smaller systems, the GeoLENs Policy Server can be integrated into the network’s existing server network. Deployed in this way, GeoLENs Policy Server can store and manage up to 250,000 subscriber records.

Andrew’s GeoLENs Policy Server was developed in collaboration with operators to address their real-world requirements.

The company is currently integrating the policy server into its GeoLENs mobile location center, with the standalone version available in 2018.


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