Zen Internet supports TDMG’s growth with IP VPN solution

January 22, 2018

TDMG, The Direct Marketing Group (TDMG), has signed a contract with Zen Internet, one of the UK’s leading Internet Service Providers (ISP) for a dedicated IP Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) solution.

TDMG wanted a fast, secure, reliable network infrastructure to connect its main four sites in the UK.

The company has been growing through acquisition and was concerned with the scalability of its existing network set-up.

Adding additional sites would have been time consuming and complex and the entire network would have to have been reconfigured.

As a marketing agency, communication between remote sites was essential as TDMG need to adhere to strict client deadlines.

The head office had insufficient upstream bandwidth through its broadband connection and if there were any problems with this circuit, all other sites lost access to critical files and information.

Zen’s IP VPN solution provides TDMG with a completely secure private network which enables them to share applications and communicate between all of its sites.

The IP VPN also provides a platform that enables the deployment of advanced applications such as VoIP and Video Conferencing in the future.

All four sites were upgraded to Ethernet connectivity with 4Mpbs bandwidth provided at the head office and 2Mbps at the other three sites.

This provided guaranteed bandwidth 24/7 as Ethernet circuits do not suffer congestion or slow speeds.

The Ethernet circuits also provide the same high speed for uploading and downloading.

‘The actual implementation was quick and painless. Once the lines and kit were installed, the servers and workstations moved over to the new network efficiently and effectively’, said Craig Holmes, IT Manager, TDMG.

Cisco 2800 series routers were used to connect the Ethernet circuits and were pre-configured by Zen’s Managed Support team who also offer 24/7 support and a 4 hour on-site response to fix or replace Cisco hardware.

Breakout to the public Internet was provided from one of Zen’s data centres and secured by two managed FortiGate UTM (Unified Threat Management) firewalls in high availability mode.

The network was configured to automatically route Internet traffic through the firewall in the unlikely event of hardware failure.

The UTM firewalls provided deep packet inspection and protection against spam, viruses and network intrusions.

It also offered the option to implement content filtering in the future.

‘Zen’s IP VPN solution has provided TDMG with a fast and flexible network that supports their business today but can also accommodate their future needs.

We are committed to providing our customers with connectivity solutions that are reliable, secure and provides excellent technical and customer support ’, said Andrew Saunders, Head of Product Management and Marketing.

Internet access for all sites is now centralised and completely secure allowing TDMG to make policy changes that impacts all sites.

Detailed monthly reports providing granular information on Internet activity, including blocked viruses and intrusion attempts, providing reassurance that all sites are now protected from Internet threats.

‘My overall impression of Zen is that they employ knowledgeable and efficient staff who are always happy to help. I would certainly recommend Zen to any company looking for a fast, reliable Internet solution’, said Craig


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