Zynetix gets big British islands job

September 19, 2017

The leading UK GSM manufacturer of infrastructure, Zynetix, announced yesterday that it has received a contract to deploy its softwareMSC on Cloud9 Mobile solution on the Isle of Man and Gibraltar.

According to the terms of the new contract, Zynetix will deliver its software deployment solution that includes SMS and data capabilities, its Radio Access Network components, and comprehensive voice solution.

Outside of supplying the softMSC GSM core to the areas, the company will also be responsible for commissioning and integration once the service is in place as an aid to Cloud9 mobile.

The new contract builds on a contract that is already in existence, in which Zynetix is responsible for providing its HRL managed services to the Cloud9 Mobile Wholesale Division.

According to the new contract now Zynetix is responsible for spearheading a large part expansion when it comes to mobile activities by Cloud9.

Jean –Christophe Viguier, a Cloud9 International Board Member, commented that the award of the new contract is the beginning of the culmination of GSM infrastructure suppliers.

He went on to state that Zynetix was chosen due to its flexibility, experience, and proven ability to show that it can deliver in a time efficient manner.

Zynetx also announced that it will provide support also for the new ip.access Oyster 3G femtocell softMSC 2G/3G core as well as the new MobileHub by Zynetix.

By providing the solutions, units that use it them will be able to accelerate their roll-outs of new 3G technology.


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